Alvin Lockhart is a character from MLB POWER PROS 2007, in the Success mode. He is the star of the Powerful University Tulips, if he stays with them of course. He also has long, curly blond hair and the affection of several girls, with Becky being the most notable. In most games if he stays with the Tulips and he will like Becky, but if the player created player is liked too much by Becky, he'll think Becky doesn't like him enough and dump her. He'll also dump Becky every time if he leaves the team.



Alvin is a solid player for the Powerful University Tulips. He can throw 91mph, with C control and C stamina. He knows a pitch called the Mirage Knuckleball, which is "Faster", and has more motion than a standard knuckleball. This pitch he created together with the help of catcher Patrick Gainer, but he usually didn't throw it, because most catchers can't catch it. But, in Year 2, Mark tries to catch it. In a different story arc, Alvin could end up leaving the Tulips and going to the Champion Rings. By then, his Mirage Knuckler will have evolved into the Star Shaker. Alvin also has long, curly blond hair and the affection of several girls, most notably Becky. In most games, if he stays, he'll like Becky. Alvin has an interesting batting and pitching stance. When he pitches, he goes around and such, and then he has a high leg kick, then he finishes. When he hits, he has his hands apart and shakes the bat a little.

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