• AgentP

    My team is growing as I play (usually), right now it looks like this:

    Starting Pitcher- Stephen Strasburg

    Middle Reliever- Alexi Ogando

    Catcher- John Jaso

    1st Base- Mr. Bear

    Right Fielder- Michael Stanton

    Center Fielder- Austin Jackson

    and I am working on a shortstop, oswaldo navarro.

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  • AgentP

    Season Mode Team

    June 24, 2010 by AgentP

    I am going to make a season mode team with dream draft, and will choose "best" players each round, unless someone objects/says to draft certain players. Then I would record the best players in each round. Finally, I would write a comment of who was available.

    on an unrelated note:

    To Limpo: 1. Can I be a bureaucrat, since I will help this wiki very actively, then I could add admins, etc. if someone was editing really well.

    2. Can I invite some wiki-friends to this wiki? I "know" a bunch of people at Random-ness Wiki and could invite some of them.

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