Pp08 We've advanced to the next level, Chief!

This article is related to Success Mode. This is for posting tips for or names of custom players. This could also be a guide.

Success Mode is a mode where you create your own player and go through the Minor Leagues and work your way up to the majors. In 2007, you are in college with your roommate Marvin and you are on the last place Tulips. You get only three years of baseball. If you don't do good in those three years, you will not make it. Along the way, you can meet some ladies, like Becky or Annabelle, and go on dates with them. Since you are in college, you also have to focus on schoolwork and studying. I recommend that you study every single time you can until he becomes smarter. Then practice until his vitality bar is red. Then rest.

In 2008, Success Mode is a lot harder. You are a player on the AA team, the GreenApples. You are again with your best friend Marvin. Along the way you meet childhood friends and enemies like Lucy and Jonathan. You can move up to the AAA team, the GoldenApples if you do good enough. In your free time, you can practice, go to places, and boost up your attributes. You can't rest in '08 success, so the only way to gain vitality is to buy POWERINs or hot dogs at Ben's. I would recommend the hot dogs because the most expensive one is $4 and it gains around three-fourths of the vitality. You can also meet ladies in '08, like Patty and Lucy.


2007: Your team and your opponents


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